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Commercial buildings face many potential plumbing issues due to the high volume of water used in their plumbing systems. Older commercial buildings are especially prone to failing pipes, leaks, and clogs. Many commercial buildings in use today were fitted with steel galvanized piping and other plumbing materials that haven’t been shown to hold up well over several decades of use. If you’ve got a commercial building with leaking, corroded, or failing plumbing then it may be time for a commercial plumbing repipe.

Commercial Plumbing Issues

Most of the issues in commercial plumbing are attributed to outdated plumbing materials and years of regular commercial water usage. Clogs, temperature and usage fluctuations, and chemicals and debris associated with commercial water use can wear piping down in a relatively short matter of time. Chronically clogged and stressed pipes and fittings will spring leaks and cracks on a regular basis until the pipes are replaced with newer, more durable materials.

Commercial Plumbing Repipe

When multiple pipes in your commercial plumbing have began to leak or cause other issues it may be time for a repiping of your entire system. Commercial repiping involves the replacement of every pipe and fitting in your building. Fixtures and appliances may also need to be replaced for a true repiping of your building. Newer materials such as PEX will be used in place of older, steel and copper pipes. This will ensure your plumbing lasts several decades or more without the need for another repiping project.

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