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Commercial Water and Sewer Lines

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The two main plumbing lines that supply your building with water and drain your building’s waste are the water main line and the sewer line. After several decades, virtually all commercial buildings will experience issues in these lines. That’s because corrosive chemicals and materials found in water supplies and flushed or drained wastewater can damage the inner lining of any piping material over time. Clogs and other common plumbing issues can also contribute to the overall deterioration of water main and drain lines, creating the need for immediate repair or replacement. There are several solutions available to commercial building owners for clogged and leaking main water supply and drain lines, including new trenchless pipe replacement methods and high-tech diagnostic approaches using video line inspection.

Issues with Commercial Water Supply and Sewer Lines

Commercial buildings use high-volumes of water, often at irregular intervals. Due to the dynamic needs of businesses and multi-home buildings, commercial plumbing systems often face complex issues involved clogs, leaks, corrosion and burst pipes. Water supply lines are prone to corrosion due to the high volume of hard water often funneled through the piping. This is especially true of commercial properties using older steel pipes. Drain and sewer lines in commercial properties are often subjected to harsh chemicals and excessive debris and waste materials, causing frequent partial and total clogs. If you’ve noticed any pressure or quality issues in your water supply, or slow draining in your commercial building then you may have a main water or sewer line issue.

Solutions for Commercial Water and Sewer Line Issues

Commercial water and sewer lines are highly susceptible to clogs and leaks, but luckily there is an efficient way to have any issues diagnosed. Licensed plumbing services have access to special tools that can create live video feeds of the conditions inside your water and sewer lines. A plumber can inspect this video feed for the location and extent of your issue to find the best solution for your precise problem. Solutions for corroded or failing water and sewer lines on commercial properties include trenchfree replacement and repair of any line, and repiping of your system, among other options.

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Water and Sewer Lines in Portland Beaverton & Hillsboro OR

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