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Portland Plumbing Preventative Maintenance

Inspecting Fixtures

Thousands of gallons of water can be lost each day through leaking fixtures. Therefore, make a habit of inspecting for leaks by using Portland Plumbing Preventative Maintenance Tips for:


  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Ice Makers
  • Garbage Disposals
  • Crawl Space Water & Drain pipes
  • Check the Water Meter for any water movement
  • Check Your Water Bill — spikes in water bills are often a sign leak has occurred.



Portland Plumbing Preventative Maintenance for Removing Clogs

Clogs are one of the easiest Portland Plumbing Preventative Maintenance issues to be aware of:

  • Use inexpensive strainers in tubs and showers to catch hair, soap chips, and other debris before they have a chance of stopping the drain. Don’t forget to clean the strainers regularly.
  • The often-overlooked overflow holes on sinks and tubs are crucial for preventing messy water damage to floors and surrounding areas.
  • Washing cooking oil or liquid fats down the kitchen sink is a perfect recipe for unpleasant clogs because they will solidify–usually before clearing the drain line.
  • Caustic liquid drain products can be used on partially clogged pipes, but should NEVER BE USED on drains that are completely blocked. Why? The blockage traps the ingredients inside the pipes, giving the caustic agents the “green light” to severely damage the lines.
  • Run plenty of water when using the garbage disposal. Be careful to drop in small amounts at a time, and never try to grind hard left-over food items like bones or fibrous foods. Most commonly foods we clear are potato skins, egg shells, rice.

Portland Plumbing Preventative Maintenance for Toilet Problems

Periodically add food coloring to the toilet tank. If the bowl water later is colored, water is leaking from the tank. Often, simply replacing the ball or flapper in the tank will remedy the problem.

Winterize Your Home with Portland Plumbing Preventative Maintenance

Because most winter plumbing problems are due to freezing:


  • Place insulating covers over outside faucets.
  • Practice turning off water valves leading to outside spigots and be sure to properly drain down hose bib lines.
  • During hard freezes, let water drip slowly from inside faucets.
  • Insulate exposed pipes in unheated and vulnerable areas.
  • never turn off the heat inside of your home during freezing conditions.



Visit our Portland Plumbing Preventative Maintenance Tips page regularly for additional tip updates.


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