Residential New Construction Plumbing

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When you’re building a new house, one of the most important parts of your construction project is the planning and installation of the plumbing. Residential new construction plumbing requires knowledge of fast-changing regulations, laws and local codes. The installation of an entire plumbing system also requires many years of experience and proper licensing on behalf of you plumbing contractor. If you choose the right plumbing service, your home can be constructed using modern, durable piping and plumbing supplies that will last decades without major issues.

Plumbing for New Homes

If you’re having a new home constructed, you’ll need to contact a licensed plumbing service right away so they can help you coordinate the installation of all water supply and drain lines. Installing the plumbing alongside your other construction projects will require the training and planning skills of an experienced new home plumbing contractor. The two most important lines to plan for are the main water supply line and the sewer line. Your local plumber will discuss options for the installation of these lines and other aspects of your new plumbing system.

Piping, Fixtures, and Appliances

Along with the main water supply line and a sewer line for your new home, there are several other important features of any residential plumbing system. There will be horizontal and vertical piping throughout your home, for which you will have several options when it comes materials. PEX piping is a modern material that can withstand hotter temperatures and harsher water conditions than traditional PVC piping. Discuss piping material options with your plumber before beginning new home construction. You will also have many choices regarding appliances and fixtures, and which type of hot water heater your home will have.

By hiring a trusted local plumbing service, you will have the benefit of their experience and knowledge of brands, materials, and other aspects of plumbing. If you’re in the Portland OR area, contact All Pro Plumbing Services to discuss your new home’s plumbing system needs.