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Residential Water and Sewer Lines

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The two main lines in your home’s plumbing system are the main water supply line and the sewer line. All water entering your home comes from the main water line, which may hook up to a municipal supply or other sources. After your water supply has been used it collects into the sewer line through a variety of drain pipes where it will eventually meet a municipal sewer system or septic tank. These two types of plumbing lines are of utmost importance to your home’s water system. Problems with the main water line can cause low pressure, leaks, and contaminated water supply, while issues with sewer lines can create sewage and drain water backing up into your property.

Water And Sewer Line Inspection

If you’re experiencing the signs of failing water or sewer lines then you need to contact a licensed plumber for a thorough inspection. Signs of a failing water line include discoloration in both your hot and cold water supplies and low water pressure. Signs of a corroded or failing sewer line include marshy grass in your yard, water or odors emitting from your drain pipes, and slow drains in your home. A plumber will likely use a video camera-equipped device to inspect the insides of your home’s piping without the need for demolition.

Water and Sewer Line Repair

There are several methods for the repair and replacement of main water and sewer lines. One method that’s gaining popularity among homeowners is the trenchless water line replacement. This method involves digging two holes in your yard to reach and repair or replace your drain or supply lines without the need for digging a large trench.

Speak with your local plumbing service about the signs and symptoms of impending failure in water supply and sewer lines to see if you may have an issue. If you live in the Portland, OR area and are in need of an inspection, replacement, or repair of these two critical lines, then contact All Pro Plumbing Services for high-quality, reliable service.

Water and Sewer Lines in Portland Beaverton & Hillsboro OR

Portland OR | Beaverton OR | Hillsboro OR:

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