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Portland Drain Cleaning and Sewer Contractor


For over 20 years, the staff at All Pro Plumbing has been using years of experience and know how to get your drains flowing the way they should. We not only clear the drains, but also offer solutions that can eliminate future problems from reoccurring. Don’t put up with standing water or slow drains and clogs.  You can have those troubled drain and sewer problems quickly solved. At All Pro Plumbing our highly trained plumbers use the latest drain clearing technologies backed up by years of training to unclog any drain issue you may have.

Slow or clogged drains can be a real nuisance in your every day life.  The Professionals at All Pro Plumbing can help make these problems go down the drain. For fast service and a great guarantee please call to schedule an appointment with Portland Drain experts.

Portland Drain Service: Blockage Removal

Safely Removing All Blockages and Leaving Lines Clean

  • Whether you are dealing with grease, hair, or compact sludge, we promise a level of expertise that will go beyond your expectations.
  • Have your children flushed a toy or some other household article? We can’t promise to retrieve the toy, but we can promise it will no longer block the lines.
  • Even clogs that you can’t manage with over-the-counter drain cleaners are swiftly and cleanly cleared by our no-nonsense plumbing technicians.

We specialize in clearing all drains;

  • kitchen sinks
  • wash machine drains
  • toilets
  • bathtubs
  • bathroom sinks
  • floor drains
  • main sewer to the city  lines

The drain pipes in your home were not designed to stop up. If you have experienced a drain stoppage in the past and are still having a problem with it, you may be flushing money down the drain.  Call All Pro Plumbing Services your Portland Drain cleaning expert.


Your Peace of Mind is the Only Thing We Leave Behind: Call the Portland Drain cleaning experts at (503) 579-5555

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