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For a fast response and professional service for all your Portland Drain Repair and sewer issues, choose the drain, sewer and rooter experts at All Pro Plumbing.  With years of experience fixing drain problems for both homes and businesses, we can have your problems solved before you know it! We are Portland Drain Repair experts.

1. CLOGGED DRAINS:  We can clear your drain clogs or blocked sewers TODAY, within the hour in many cases. The experts at All Pro Plumbing can fix even the most stubborn blockage.

2. DRAIN & SEWER REPAIRS:  From leaks to collapsed lines or root intrusions, All Pro Plumbing can diagnose and locate the source of the problem (even underground), and if need be put a camera down the line so you can see the issue for yourself.

3. ROOT INTRUSIONS:  Tree roots can be a serious problem for sewer lines – they love water, and they love to find their way into your lines to find it.  The problem is that they can clog a line completely, and sometimes collapse it.  All Pro Plumbing can provide a comprehensive diagnosis and suggested solution to your tree root problems.

4. NEW DRAIN & SEWER LINES: When drain cleaning is not enough we can upgrade your drain system  with the installation of new lines.

Quick Tips to Avoid Costly Drain Repairs

Preventing the following items from reaching your kitchen drain will save you money:


  • rice
  • fruit peels
  • potato skins
  • onions
  • grease
  • oil



Grease and oil build up accumulate in drain lines causing clogs to occur over a  short time. Strong citrus has acidic chemicals that can cause corrosion and make pipes get weak. Rice and potato skins can create a blockage. Water makes them sponge out and  block drains. Drain strainers are a necessary accessory to your kitchen sink. They will help prevent any unwanted waste from making it’s way to your drain pipes.  Our Portland Drain Repair service technicians can help no matter how severe your drain problem may be.  With almost unlimited experience the technicians at All Pro Plumbing can accommodate you in resolving any drain and plumbing problem.  We pride ourselves in giving you top of the line service every time  you call.

Don’t wait for the emergency to “fix itself.” Call the  Portland Plumbing Contractor emergency experts, All Pro Plumbing Services, at 503-579-5555

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