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Basic DIY Plumbing Items

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Basic DIY Plumbing Items

Basic DIY Plumbing Items

Are you a new homeowner?  A college student ready to leave the home for the first time?  Or just an all-around handy man or woman who likes to be prepared and organized?  Well, here’s a list of items you may want to put together for your Basic DIY Plumbing Items.

  1. Tongue-and-Groove Pliers: These pliers are the first tool plumbers reach for when they need to grab, pull, twist, hold, tighten or loosen something. Be sure to get both the 10 and 12 inch.
  2. Basin Wrench: A wrench used for tightening and loosening nuts that hold sink faucets in place. The tool’s long shaft and swiveling jaw can reach up and into the deep, narrow space behind a sink and lock onto the nuts.
  3. Pipe Wrench: These large, heavy wrenches are used to tighten and loosen threaded pipes, fittings and nuts. You’ll need two–one for turning and one for gripping and holding. The serrated teeth help the wrench hold its grip but can damage a fixture’s finish–when you need protection, wrap the wrench’s jaws in a cloth. Consider buying both the 10 and 14 inch model.
  4. Plunger: This is the first tool to grab when you need to dislodge clogs from sinks, tubs, toilets, showers and floor drains. When using it in a toilet, press down, create a firm seal around the drain, and pull upward. The idea is to vacuum the clog out, not push it deeper.
  5. Hand Auger: This hand-cranked “snake” drain-clearing tool has a 25-ft.-long flexible steel cable that’s effective at clearing obstructions from tubs, showers, sinks, toilets and drain lines. Use it when the almighty plunger fails.
  6. Adjustable Wrench: This versatile tool is required for working on compression fittings, supply lines and other plumbing parts that have hex-shaped nuts. When shopping, check that the moving jaw holds a firm setting so that it won’t slip loose under torque. Again, it’s best to get two sizes the 6 and 10 inch.
  7. Business Card: From All Pro Plumber…Just in case 🙂

And if you are among the advance you may also consider adding propane torch, hack saw, tube cutter, etc.  Of course, if you find your self in a greater quandary use that handy dandy phone and call All Pro Plumbing, your friendly neighborhood plumber.  Have a fantastic sunny day!


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