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Pipe Leak Repair

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Pipe underneath sink leaking. All Pro Plumbing repairs leaky pipes & fittings in the Portland Hillsboro and Beaverton OR area.Leaky Pipe Fittings

When you’re a homeowner, it’s important to be diligent about maintaining your plumbing system. If you have leaky pipes, it’s best if you get them fixed by a professional before it turns into a critical situation. At All Pro Plumbing, our pipe leak repair service is the perfect solution when you require expert pipe repair in your bathroom, kitchen, basement or laundry room.

Leaky Pipes Can Turn Into Bigger Problems

  • Bathroom leak repair: bathrooms are notorious as an area where leaky pipes can occur, which isn’t surprising. There are several opportunities for water to leak when you’ve got a toilet, sink, bathtub, and shower in the room.
  • Kitchen leak repair: your kitchen is another area where you might find unwanted water leaks near a dripping faucet or leaky refrigerator. These leaks may be due to corrosion, damaged pipe joints, broken seals or clogged lines.
  • Basement leak repair: basement leaks sometimes go unnoticed since they aren’t a common area to be in every day. If you have a basement leak water can significantly damage your floors, walls, and any belongings you have stored. This can also lead to mold growth.

Whatever leaky pipe problem you have we will repair it before it turns into a big problem. Contact the journeyman plumbers of All Pro Plumbing today if you require expert pipe leak repair service.

Water Leaks are Caused Over Time

In some cases, the pipes and hoses that help supply water to your appliances become loose and start leaking. For example, if your washing machine starts rapidly shaking during its spin cycle, it could lead to a loose connector. This type of problem requires a leaky pipe fitting repair, which we can handle. Contact us if you’re dealing with water leaks by one of your major appliances.

We Provide Expert Leaky Pipe Fitting Repair

As your plumbing system ages, it can start to corrode become stressed from excess water pressure. While high water pressure may feel great when you’re in the shower, it can strain your pipes and lead to slow leaks. This might occur in your basement if that’s where your water heater is kept. It takes an expert to track down some leaks and find the source. You don’t want to let a water leak go on for too long as it can cause considerable damage. You might end up with:

  • Wood rot and floorboard warping
  • Wallpaper and paint peeling
  • Mildew and mold growth

To help ensure that you don’t end up with hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of damage to the structure of your home or your furnishings, become proactive when you suspect or know you’ve got a leak on your premises. By giving us a call and having a friendly, trained plumbing technician inspect your pipes, you’ll have peace of mind and a solid plumbing system. So contact All Pro Plumbing today for quick and reliable pipe leak repair.

Pipe Leak Repair in Portland Beaverton & Hillsboro OR

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