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Garbage Disposal Info

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Garbage Disposal Info

The average lifespan of a garbage disposal is around 12 years.  However, a cheaply made unit can go bad after  only 3 years.  If you are experiencing problems with the garbage disposal, before you go out and purchase a new one you may try and repair the unit.

First, see if the motor is still running.  Does it make a humming sound, or is it silent?

If there’s a humming sound, more than likely there’s food remains stuck causing the blade to stop turning.  You can try to loosen the blade by using the end of a wooden broom handle.  After, of course, powering off the unit.  Once you loosen the blade turn the unit back on and see if it works.

Now, if there’s no noise then you should check to see if the reset button located on the side or bottom of the unit is popped out.  If so, push the button back in and try the unit again.  If the button is in then the next thing you should check is the circuit breaker located in the electrical service panel. If the breaker is tripped then reset the breaker and try the unit again. If the breaker is not tripped then the switch or the unit itself is bad.

And if all else fails, call your friendly neighborhood All Pro Plumber!  We’ll be sure to handle the situation quickly and with care.  On a side note, never put your hands down the garbage disposal!  Have a good one, and stay hydrated!




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