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Portland Summer Plumbing Issues

Warmer months tend to bring along more Portland Summer Plumbing Issues.  The reasons can be related to the increase amount of water usage as well as more traffic down kitchen drain pipes.

Portland Summer Plumbing Issues #1:  Clogged Disposal-Summer cookouts and BBQs are a big hit during the summer.  With many cookouts there tend to be a lot of waste thrown into the disposal.  Easy way to steer clear of this mishap is to have a sink strainer and throw the waste in its appropriate receptacles.

Portland Summer Plumbing Issues #2:  Sewer Line Backups-If there’s any signs of a sewer link back up please call one of our professionals at All Pro Plumbing.  It may possibly be caused by root intrusions.

Portland Summer Plumbing Issues #3:  Clogged Toilets-Household toilets are also used more regularly in the summer, thanks to children using the bathroom during the day. Teach your kids to use a modest amount of toilet paper.  Common clogs are fairly simple to clear with a plunger, but if you need additional help, please call All Pro your local Bro.

Portland Summer Plumbing Issues #4:  Sprinkler Issues-If you have sprinklers embedded in your lawn, be sure to inspect and clean the heads before the season begins. When you are mowing the lawn, be careful to do so when the sprinkler heads are lowered, in order to avoid damaging them.

With all Portland Summer Plumbing Issues out of the way, enjoy the beautiful weather.  And if any plumbing problems arises, or you’d like to schedule an appointment please call All Pro at (503) 579-5555.


Portland Summer Plumbing Issues

Portland Summer Plumbing Issues in Portland Beaverton & Hillsboro OR

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