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Portland Water Heater Problems: A Simple Repair or a New Installation

No one enjoys the moment when, during a shower or other water usage, the hot water stops flowing. Yet water heaters, like any other plumbing component, will naturally endure wear and tear eventually leading to the point where water is no longer heated. For simple malfunctions, many component pieces can be replaced. If there is, however, any damage or rust on the water tank, the only viable solution is to go ahead and replace the tank. When one’s water heater fails, many homeowners do not fully know what has malfunctioned and, consequently, it is recommended you call a Portland Water Heater specialist to diagnose and quickly correct the problem.
The worst case scenario in these situations is that the water heater tank becomes damaged or rusts. When this happens, typically the only solution is to replace the tank and have a water heater tank installation service. One of the easiest ways to determine if your water heater tank is rusting is the presence of actual rust in your water. Additional signs include moisture appearing on and around your water heater. Tanks tend to last 10-15 years and towards the end of their lifespan you will undoubtedly notice these conditions which indicate the need for a new water heater installation. The good news, however, is that you could always install a more energy-efficient and water-efficient water heater system.

Some other water heater problems can be corrected without a new installation service. A professional plumber can replace thermostats, heating elements in an electric heater, and a gas burner in a gas heater. Some homeowners will think that they can perform these repairs but, unless you have some considerable experience in such matters, it is highly recommended to simply refer to a plumbing specialist in order to ensure the quality of the repair and comply with any warranty that may still apply with the water heater.

Of course, there are some simple tips one can follow in order to maximize the life of their water heater. One of the simplest tips is to dial down the temperature. Less heat means less wear and tear and an increased lifespan. One can additionally test the T&P (temperature and pressure) relief valve. Furthermore, it is recommended to perform a yearly tank flush in order to remove any buildup within the tank itself.

Water heaters are undoubtedly one of most important components to any home as it provides one of the most taken-for-granted comforts: hot water. Some problems can be easily corrected with repairs whereas rusting or damage to the tank, more often than not, can only be fixed with a new water heater installation. In any event, contact a professional Portland Water Heater contractor  or plumbing specialist when a problem with your water heater arises for a full diagnosis.

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Water Heater Problems: A Simple Repair or a New Installation in Portland Beaverton & Hillsboro OR

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