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Annual Water Heater Maintenance

3 Simple Preventative Steps

Did you know that you should check your Water Heater annually to ensure everything works to the highest efficiency?  Here are the simple steps you should do to look over your Water Heater.

First thing you should do is to check the temperature on your Water Heater.  The dial should be set between 115-120 degrees F.  By reducing the temperature it will keep the tank from overheating and will reduce the amount of energy used.  Secondly, check on the valve of the Water Heater.  To test the T&P valve lift up on the lever part then let go and allow it to rapidly snap back.  If the T&P valve did nothing then it is bad and needs to be replaced.  You should also hear a gurgling sound as the valve allows some water to be released into the drain tube.

Lastly, you should flush the Water Heater to remove any sediments that has settled on the bottom of the tank. If it seems like a daunting task to flush the entirety of the Water Heater, you can do mini flushes by placing a bucket underneath the drain valve and drain several gallons.  You can also call your local plumber at All Pro Plumbing at (503) 579-5555, if you would like assistance with any and all of your Water Heater needs.


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Annual Water Heater Maintenance in Portland Beaverton & Hillsboro OR

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