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Portland Summer Plumbing Tips

 In Portland Plumbing Tips


Portland Summer Plumbing Tips

Summer is in full blown, and there’s only about a month left before the children go back to school and the sun goes into hibernation.  However, it is not too late to read these tips from your local friendly All Pro plumbers to avoid any future plumbing headaches.

Tip #1:  Do you have a sprinkler system?  If so, inspect the sprinkler heads to make sure they’re in working condition, and be careful when you’re mowing the lawn.  You don’t want to accidentally take out one of your sprinkler heads and possibly damaging your lawn mower.

Tip#2:  Take extra care of your garbage disposal.  You should never pour cooking oil or grease down the garbage disposal because it CAN CLOG UP YOUR PIPES!  Also, foods such as watermelon, corn, or egg shells can damage the disposal blades.  Instead, throw the unwanted food into compost.

Tip #3:  Toilet etiquette.  With all the children and family/friend get-togethers make sure that the children are not using too much toilet paper, or throwing objects in the toilet.  If a clog does happen, the first easy fix would be your handy dandy plunger.  Now, a more serious problem would be clogging the main sewer line.  And in those cases, you should really call one of our All Pro Professionals.

Tip #4: With the great weather, tree roots may be expanding causing cracks in pipes, and depending on the severity the pipes may be repaired or replaced.  Signs of a crack main sewer line may consist of toilet sewage backing into your bathtub.  If something like this were to happen, please give All Pro a call at (503)579-5555, and we will be more than happy to come to your rescue.

Tip #5:  Enjoy the sun and stay well hydrated!

Portland Summer Plumbing Tips

Portland Summer Plumbing Tips in Portland Beaverton & Hillsboro OR

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