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Portland’s High Water Bill and what it means?

Have you recently received Portland’s High Water Bill?  And is wondering, what am I suppose to do with this?  How do I read the meter?  Is this an indication of a leak?  Who do I call?  Well, no worries we have all the solutions for you.


Portland’s High Water Bill on how to read a meter:

Step 1. Find your meter

With Portland’s High Water Bill, it is important to know where your water meter is.  At residential properties, the water meter is generally located in the ground near the curb in front of the house. The meter box will have a metal lid with “Water Meter” marked on top.


Step 2. Open the meter

Remove the lid of your water meter box, but be careful of hidden bugs and small animals.  Replace the lid each time you finish looking at the meter to avoid a safety hazard.


Step 3. Check your current meter reading against the reading shown on your current bill.

Read all of the numbers from left to right, including any printed on zeros that may appear on the face of the meter. The reading on the meter should be higher than the “current reading” on your bill.  Understand the dial water is measured in CCFs, which are units of 100 cubic feet or 748 gallons.  The meter shown to the right reads 1935 CCF for billing purposes. The last two numbers on the register are not read for billing.  The register does not reset to zero after each read. One complete “sweep” of the sweep hand means you have used one cubic foot or 7.48 gallons of water.

Step 4. Find the leak detection dial

Most residential meters have a leak detection dial. The leak detection dial may be a red or blue triangular-shaped dial or a blue snowflake-shaped dial. If you are not using any water – i.e., all faucets are closed, and no appliances like a dishwasher or clothes washer are in operation – the triangle should not turn. If it is turning, even very slowly, this is a sure sign that you have a leak. If it is spinning fast, you have a serious leak that requires immediate attention, and you should repair the leak as soon as possible. If the leak indicator shows a repeating pattern of turning slowly, stopping, then turning slowly again, you may have a small leak or a leaky toilet flapper valve. While these problems may seem small, they too require prompt attention to keep them from getting worse. It may spin rapidly when water is running.

What to do when you realize that you have Portland’s High Water Bill?

If you realized that the Portland’s High Water Bill that you have recently received, is in fact due to a leak, big or small, here at All Pro we can fix it all!


Please don’t hesitate to give us, your local All Pro Plumbing guys, a call with any of your question or concerns (503)579-5555, we would love to hear from you.


Portland’s High Water Bill

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