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Gas water heaters have been a popular choice for heating water in homes and businesses for many years. They are known for their fast heating capabilities and relatively low operating costs compared to electric models. When you need reliable gas water heater services, All Pro Plumbing has you covered. From installation to maintenance or repairs, we know how to deliver outstanding results with quality customer care. See how we can help by getting your free online quote today!

All Pro Plumbing provides expert gas water heater installation in the Portland OR area.Benefits of a Gas Water Heater

Whether you’re looking to save money on your energy bills or improve the overall performance of your hot water supply, a gas water heater could be the right choice for your home or business. From their efficiency to their reliability, gas water heaters have a lot to offer, including:

  • Lower operating costs: Gas is often less expensive than electricity, making these water heaters a more cost-effective option in the long run.
  • High performance: Since they are capable of producing a higher volume of hot water than electric models, gas hot water heaters are ideal for larger households or businesses.
  • Fast heating: Gas water heaters can heat water much faster than electric models, providing a more reliable and consistent supply of hot water.

Gas Water Heater FAQs

Why get gas water heater services from a professional? 

Without proper installation, your gas hot water heater could be a huge health hazard. A qualified professional knows how to work with this fuel source, including proper venting and other code requirements that will ensure it functions safely for years.

How do conventional tank gas water heaters work?

These conventional tank water heaters work by utilizing a burner that is fueled by natural gas or propane to heat water in a storage tank. As you use the hot water, the tank draws in more cold water to heat up, creating a constant supply of hot water. The thermostat helps regulate the temperature of the water by turning off the burner once the water is warm enough. 

Gas water heaters are highly efficient and capable of producing a large volume of hot water quickly, making them an excellent choice for households or businesses with high hot water demand. With regular maintenance, a gas water heater can provide a reliable and consistent source of hot water for years to come.

Can gas water heaters help save money?

Gas water heaters can often help save money in the long run compared to electric water heaters. While the initial cost of a gas water heater may be slightly higher than an electric model, gas is often less expensive than electricity, which can result in lower monthly energy bills. Additionally, gas water heaters are more energy efficient, as they heat water more quickly and require less energy to maintain the desired temperature.

While the exact amount of money that can be saved will depend on a variety of factors, including energy prices and water usage habits, many homeowners and businesses find that switching to a gas water heater is a cost-effective investment that pays off in the long run.

What if I don’t have a gas line?

If you don’t have a gas line, then an electric water heater may be your best option. Installing a brand new gas line can be a very expensive and time-consuming process. The slight monthly cost savings aren’t worth the initial investment in an entirely new gas line.

Are gas water heaters safe?

Gas water heaters can be safe as long as they are properly installed, maintained, and used according to manufacturer instructions. Gas water heaters use natural gas or propane, which can be potentially dangerous if not handled correctly. To ensure safety, gas water heaters must be installed and regularly serviced by a licensed professional who follows all safety codes and guidelines. 

We Offer Gas Water Heater Installation, Maintenance, and Repairs

Want to see how a gas water heater could improve your home or business? Turn to the experts at All Pro Plumbing! Our fully licensed team has over 20 years of experience serving the greater Portland area, and we use our expertise to provide superior services with long-lasting results. From quick installations to thorough inspections, maintenance, and repairs, we have you covered. Just call us today to get started!

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